1)                 Thank you all for coming so far to share this special day with us. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some people who have been very special to us.

2)                 First and foremost, my mom, for bringing me into this world and giving me all the love and caring that she has.

3)                 My Uncle Marc for being a positive role model and at times even a father figure.

4)                 Vinko, for being a good friend and advisor.

5)                 Jodi, for her optimism and inspiration.

6)                 Kristina, for her level-headedness and resourcefulness.

7)                 Rachel, for her honesty and devotion.

8)                 Gina, for her spirit and kindness.

9)                 Toniann, for her wit and candor.

10)             Jerry, for his friendship and reliability.

11)             Regina and Adam, for her always going above and beyond at every opportunity.

12)             Rafi and Marissa, for being great friends and our favorite brother and sister.

13)             And Aviva's mom and dad, for always making me feel like part of their family and for always taking such good care of Aviva.